Zoe Rebecca Cameron

18th September to 31st October 2010

The defining exhibition for this leading British narritive painter, this was a site-specific work in two parts:

The Fable Wall: 28 oil paintings hung in three tiers based on Aesop's Fables.

Together with 18 paintings with a theme of 'How to Live a Good Life'.

Zoe Cameron sets up a challenge for herself and her audience in this show - where does she fit into Modern British Art? By all accounts she stands counter to modernism, observing life and modern society with painted stories that remind us of how to live a good life.

THE ART ROOM Topsham exhibition consisted of two bodies of work with the same philosophy underlying both, all timeless and of universal significance.

Cameron's imagery openly draws on her childhood. With isolation amongst grown ups, she became an observer of others and her closeness with nature and animals grew. She developed into a shy child and adolescent who at school and local church loved religious studies for the imagery the moral tales prompted.

Her grandmother was a great influence as a story teller, giving art books for Zoe to look at in bed “The Birth of Venus” by Botticelli and Hogarth's “Shrimp Girl” are among Zoe’s early memories.

Zoe Cameron: Tell those close you love them

Zoe Cameron: Take care of your mind and body

Zoe Cameron: Fortune and the tired man

The "For My Sister” collection of 18 paintings took Zoe more than a year to complete. The subject matter came from long distance conversations she had by phone with her younger sister Naomi.

see the For My Sister page

In this Major one woman show Cameron presented to us a room full of ‘Life's Truths’ as she puts it.

Cameron's oil paintings are recognisable with figures often pulled from different time frames, exploring contemporary and universal subject matter, the imagery gleaned from her own childhood or borrowed from someone else's.

This Exhibition is the culmination of three years of work for Zoe Cameron with a career in painting that extends over 35 years.

The second part of the Exhibition consisted of site-specific paintings based on Aesop's Fables with 28 paintings, hung in 3 tiers increasing in size, one row above the other on the gable end wall of the Gallery.

see the Fable Wall page

The exhibition was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see all the paintings hung together in the space for which they were planned.

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