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Recent Exhibition - Kate Westbrook - November 2011

Kate Westbrook was born in Britain and grew up in the U.S.A. and Canada before going to Dartington Hall School in Devon. From there she went to Bath Academy of Art at Corsham and then to Reading University. Later she lived and worked on the East and West coasts of America. .

Kate Westbrook: After Swaleing, Dartmoor, oil 2010

"In the landscape I make drawings and colour sketches through the seasons. The wind, sun, rain, in my eyes fracture the image as I work. In the studio I make a painting from the studies. If I am in danger of losing the true relationship with the landscape, I go back and draw, paint again.

"I like to think of this process as an ongoing dialogue with the landscape. In the recent past I have returned to painting the human figure and I am currently exploring the figure in landscape."
- Kate Westbrook.

Kate Westbrook: Quarry in Winter 2010

Kate Westbrook: After Swaleing, Dartmoor Spring, gouache 2010

The first solo show of Kate's paintings was held at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art in California, in 1965. After travelling in Mexico she returned to England and took up a part-time teaching post at Leeds College of Art. She continues to exhibit her work in solo and group shows. Her work is in public and private collections.

Kate Westbrook: Bracken 2010

Kate Westbrook: The Long Shed in Winter 2011

Kate Westbrook: The Long Shed in Winter, Rain Clouds Moving Away 2011

In 1974 Kate joined the Mike Westbrook Band and gave up teaching to concentrate on the dual career of painter and musician. She has performed all over Europe and as far afield as Asia and North America. As a singer/songwriter Kate is featured on more than 20 albums, and she has worked in theatre, radio and TV.

Kate Westbrook: Big Field, Cold Autumn Morning 2004

Kate Westbrook: Big Field, Summer Afternoon 2003

Kate Westbrook: Early Evening, St Ives 2010

Kate Westbrook: Walking from Zennor 2011

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