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Portfolio - Benedict Rubbra - New Work - Exclusive to The Art Room Topsham

Benedict Rubbra was born in 1938 at Valley Cottage in Speen in the Chiltern Hills where he lived until moving to Devon in 2001. His father was the composer Edmund Rubbra.

Teign Valley 66x66cm £3900

A lifetime of deeply-felt experiences feeds Rubbra's art.

A Tuscan Legend £3800

Goldfinch £4000

Robin £4000

Swallows £4000

Luminous Mandala £3000

All Rubbra's work on this page is exclusive to The Art Room Topsham.

Balcony with Geraniums £6000

Dinner Party £4500

Rubbra says it is not only his ruminative mind but each of his senses that engage in the creation of his paintings.

Ordered Garden in Valley £3500

Ordered Garden in Summer £3500

This new selection of Benedict Rubbra's work is all Oil on Canvas.

Garden Gate, Hillside, Friesian Cows £4500

Now in his seventh decade, Benedict Rubbra has lived his life at an unusual level of internal intensity.

Dawn Unfolding £3000

Touch and taste and sound and smell also appear to infiltrate Rubbra's work, evoking a sympathetic sensory response from the viewer.

Spring £4200

Super-sensitive to the play of light and colour as well as to sound, touch and taste, Rubbra has maintained a level of mental alertness that few people achieve.

Picking Mushrooms Early Morning £3800

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