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Portfolio 2009 - Rachel Hardy Moody and Nicolas Papatzaneteas

Rachel Hardy Moody

Rachel studied at Kent Institute of Art Canterbury under Peter Doig. She works in oil and gesso to produce complex and serene landscapes.

Statement: My work is exploratory, derived from the landscape and memories from past places, some from my childhood. I recently returned to Derbyshire and Yorkshire, my childhood home, which I have not revisited until now. I found that some of the struggles with my work were about those places and were now reflected in the moors in Devon.

My work is not static or predictable and  I achieve what I need when I allow the work to lead me, the experience can be a daunting one as I often have to destroy before I am given what I am looking for.

Nicholas Papatzaneteas


The current collection depicts aspects of the character and atmosphere of the Breton and south west of England coastlines. They have been completed over the last 2/3 years and a number of them have been exhibited in Brittany.

Nicholas was born in Athens and studied at the Royal College of Art London. His strong abstract paintings depict the coastline of Brittany and the South West of England.

Statement: I have long been aware of the work of Nicolas de Stael and Yves Tanguy, whose influences, although not direct, have been inspiring. I work with a variety of techniques and media but in the present paintings I have used oil on cotton or linen canvas.

Although I have lived and spent a great deal of time near the sea since childhood; the fascination with the character, atmosphere & mood of the coastline has begun comparatively recently, to play an important part in my work. I find the ability of the sea and coastline to evoke a complexity of mood and reflection a developing and deepening pre-occupation.