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Clifford Fishwick /
Michael Garton RWA

June to August 2010

Recent joint exhibition:

in conjunction with Exeter Festival

When Michael Garton became Cliff Fishwick’s student in 1955, the Art College occupied a small part of the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter.

By the time Cliff, then the College’s Principal, appointed Mike as a lecturer, Cliff had started the process of change which would result in the College expanding to become a major cultural force in the city and the South West.

Michael Garton: Tree Against Blue Sky 42x33cm 1955 OOP SOLD

Michael Garton: Pink Sky 107x82cm early-1980s OOC £7,500

Michael Garton: Sunset Over Exminster Marshes 16x23cm early-1970s OOB £475

Michael Garton: Edge 51x74cm 1986-7 OOC £1,500

Michael Garton: Bodmin Moor 26x37cm early-1970s OOB £645

The Art Room honoured two great artists and educationalists with this posthumous exhibition.
PDF of Gallery Talk for download

The gallery talk by former colleague of both artists, art historian and artist Lesley Kerman FRSA,
is available as a PDF. Right-Click on the image at right to download the PDF to your computer.

Michael Garton: Stoke Woods Top Car Park late-1970 OOC £525

Michael Garton: Marshland with Church 23x27cm 1976 OOC £750

Michael Garton: Muddy Path in Winter 21x17cm, late-1970s OOB £375

Michael Garton: Dartmoor near Poundsgate 25x41cm late-1970s OOC £695

Michael Garton: Seascape with Clouds II 16x23cm mid-1970s OOB £495

OOB = oil on board
OOC = oil on canvas
OOD = oil on card
OOL = oil on linen
OOP = oil on plywood

Michael Garton: February Sunset 28x30cm 1970s OOL £495

Michael Garton: Woodbury Common 32x40cm 1980 OOB SOLD

Michael Garton: Cliff Walk 20x24cm 1982 OOB £625

Michael Garton: Still Life Bowl with Blue Rim 19x24cm late-1960s OOB £300

Michael Garton: Stoke Woods Clearing 24x26cm early-1980s OOB £495

Michael Garton: Rural Road with Pylons 39x34cm early-1980s OOB SOLD

Michael Garton: Autumn in Stoke Woods 26x38cm 1980s OOB £825

Michael Garton: Seascape With Clouds I 13x28cm mid-1970s OOB £495

Michael Garton: Windy Day On Woodbury Common 18x24cm late-1970s OOB £495

Michael Garton: Dartmoor 24x34cm 1979 OOB £695

Michael Garton: The Other Side 92x122cm mid-1990s OOC £12,000

Michael Garton: Still Life with Apples and Eggs 33x37cm 1955 OOC £725

Michael Garton: Seascape with Clouds III 19x27cm mid-1970s OOB £475

Michael Garton: Italy 28x36cm 1986 OOC £625

Michael Garton: Fields near Stoke Cannon 36x45cm 1982 OOB £695

Michael Garton: Winter in Stoke Woods 26x38cm mid-1980s OOB £875

Michael Garton: Steep Wood Path 104x139cm early-1980s OOC £7,950

Michael Garton: View of Dartmoor near Princetown 24x33cm early-1980s OOB £625

Michael Garton: The Painters Pond 20x30cm 1980-90s OOB SOLD

Michael Garton: Somerset Levels 20x27cm 1980 OOB £475

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