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Recent joint exhibition:

June to August 2010

Clifford Fishwick /
Michael Garton RWA

in conjunction with Exeter Festival

Cliff was born in Lancashire in 1923. He studied at Liverpool School of Art between 1940 and 1947 with a four year break for war services with the Royal Navy.

In 1947 Cliff was appointed Painting Master at Exeter School of Art and in 1957 had his first solo exhibition in London.

Cliff Fishwick: Cliff Face OOC 12x10in 1964 SOLD

Cliff Fishwick: Moore Edge III OOC 12x10in 1990 SOLD

Cliff Fishwick: Horizon 13x4in 1981 OOB £600

Cliff Fishwick: Field Pattern 12x3in 1973 OOB £550

Cliff Fishwick: Inlet 12x3in 1983 OOD SOLD

The Art Room honoured two great artists and educationalists with this posthumous exhibition.
PDF of Gallery Talk for download

The gallery talk by former colleague of both artists, art historian and artist Lesley Kerman FRSA,
is available as a PDF. Right-Click on the image at right to download the PDF to your computer.

Cliff Fishwick: Girl Writing OOB 24x14in 1989 £1,795

Cliff-Fishwick: Near Pendeen OOB 15x4in 1970 £795

Cliff Fishwick: Sea Sun II OOB 19x12in 1971 £1,500

Cliff Fishwick: Still Life Fruit (banana) OOB 18x10in 1981 £1,250

Cliff Fishwick: Untitled Abstract OOB 24x18in 1953 £2,995

OOB = oil on board
OOC = oil on canvas
OOD = oil on card
OOL = oil on linen
OOP = oil on plywood

Cliff Fishwick: Ganfagnaur OOB 12x5in 1991 £750

Cliff Fishwick: Moor Edge Belstone II OOC 52x30in 1992 £2,995

Cliff Fishwick: Still Life Fruit OOB 18x10in 1981 £2,445

Cliff Fishwick: Misurina OOC 48x36in 1967 £4,500

Cliff Fishwick: Blue Cloud OOC 14x4in 1990 SOLD

Cliff Fishwick: N Cyprus OOB 37x12in 1990 £2,500

Cliff Fishwick: Alphabetic Rock Forms OOB 48x18in 1959 £2,500

Cliff Fishwick: Glow 1 OOC 48x24in 1964 SOLD

Cliff Fishwick: Evening Sea Sun 24x24in 1967 8 OOB £1,995

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Cliff Fishwick: Porthmoina Cove OOB 72x48in 1959 £11,995

Cliff Fishwick: The Pink Funnel 24x18in 1986 9 OOB SOLD

Cliff Fishwick: Moor Edge OOB 12x6in 1980 £795

Cliff Fishwick: Two Clouds and Moor OOD 18x14in 1992 SOLD

Cliff Fishwick: Man Sheep and Gate OOB 7x7in £650

Cliff Fishwick: Scillies Outlying Islands OOD 8x4in 1983 SOLD

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