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Portfolio - Christine Spencer Green and Zoe Cameron

Christine Spencer Green

Orange Field
Oil on canvas, 2008

Blue Bird
Oil on Canvas, 2008

Lone Gull
Oil on Canvas, 2008

Summer Dawn
Oil on Canvas, 2008

Cool Carm
Oil on Canvas, 2008

Christine Spencer Green was born in Vienna in 1956. She moved to the UK in 1981 and settled in Cornwall in 1992. Here she founded the Treruffe Art Studios in Redruth. Christine studied at Falmouth College of Art and has exhibited widely throughout Cornwall, York and Bristol.

Influenced by the quality of light, glint of blue, ruggedness and space offered uniquely by Cornwall, her work expresses a love of the area.

Statement: I work with layers, slowly developing my paintings so they hold glimpses of past processes; layering gives me a sense of freedom in my work to stay experimental. Ideas are intuitive reminiscences from the cliffs and the sea in Cornwall.

Allowing the accidental helps to challenge me to move my paintings in new directions. Those little whisperings of synchronicities, reveries of visual moments, echoes of light around me are mirrored in the painting. I use oil paint, as it is the texture and slow drying time that works with my practice.

I work with several paintings together over time, sometimes taking months even years to resolve work. It gives my paintings a history of their own. Artists that have influenced me include Prunella Clough, Patrick Heron, Mark Rothko and Robert Motherwell.

Oil on Canvas, 2008

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Zoe Cameron

Still life Summer
oil on board

Women by open
oil on board, 1995

Mending nets
oil on board, 1987

Mens Institute, Porthleven
oil on board, 1988

Zoe Cameron was born in Hayling Island in1959 and studied at Gloucestershire College of Art and Design. She moved to Cornwall in1987 and it was here that she was influenced by a tradition of painting that is integral to her work today.

Zoe's long career has won her recognition as one of the leading figurative painters of her generation, and has brought her many high profile commissions such as the portrait of Lord Bath in 2002. From 1990 to 2001 Zoe lectured at Falmouth College of Art and Design and was visiting lecturer in painting at the Accademia di Belli Arti di Vinezia, Italy.

Statement: As a child I had strong bonds with animals. This has never left me. Through my imagery, I like to identify and investigate those intense relationships. I often invest my own psycho / physical qualities in the figure, sometimes the animal. It is the different kinds of friendship between the two that makes me wonder, the discovery and use of power in these relationships, the simplicity and complexity of a moment, the transitory nature of our lives - this is all part my narrative. To deal with the complicated nature of painting is a life long challenge; to make a really good painting is my constant ambition. Every time I go into my studio I hope this could be the one.

Resting figure
oil on board, 1987

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