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Special Announcement: the Rae exhibition has been extended to 6th June 2010 to display new work

Robin Rae

An exhibition of edgy and poetic paintings, in part inspired by the landscape of Dorset

Figurative and abstract artist and teacher Robin Rae was born in London.

Robin Rae: Natural History

Robin Rae: House in Vendee

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Robin Rae: Bottles in Window

Rae showed considerable early talent, exhibiting at the RA in 1946 and by the age of 21 he had held two successful London solo shows, which gained critical appreciation.

Robin studied at Ealing School of Art and the Royal College of Art, with teachers including John Nash, Rodrigo Moynihan and Edward Bawden.

Rae subsequently taught etching at Edinburgh Collge of Art and 3-dimensional design at Liverpool College of Art where younger artists found his approach sympathetic.

Robin Rae: Portland

Much of Rae's early painting was destroyed, the fate of most of his sculpture made between 1970 and 1980, when he began painting again.

Robin Rae: Allegory

Rae retired from teaching to settle in Bradpole, Bridport, Dorset where the local landscape was an influence on his work as were Bacon and Balthus. In the mid 1990s he wrote that he was painting "more at present than at any other time, but avoid the art world and glad to be quite out of touch.".

Robin Rae: Louis Bunuel 1955