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The programme for 2014 is extraordinarily excellent, with many senior and important artists exhibiting their work in this unique regional gallery.

2nd – 31st August
Adrian Parnell

For the past four decades Adrian has been creating paintings and drawings that chart a continuing visual engagement with the landscape.

Adrian Parnell: A meeting with the Sea

This exhibition is a dialogue between his representational work and his square paintings which explore the process of painting itself, and the limitless possibilities it presents.

Adrian Parnell: Green Coast

Adrian says: "Landscape painting for me should try to include the play of light, textures, surfaces and atmospheres of a place. A painting is only about layers of time and paint, the subject which started the creative process is overtaken by the exploration, experimentation and excitement of what emerges on the canvas. The time spent on a work is an immersive reconnoitre leading to the finished picture which in turn leads to the next adventure."

Adrian Parnell: Coastal Path sketch

Adrian Parnell: The Ocean need the Stream

Adrian Parnell: Topsham

Ruth King: long bowl

Meet the Artists – Adrian Parnell & Ruth King: Saturday 2nd Aug, 2:00-5:00pm

Adrian Parnell: Canary Wharf

Ruth King: oblong bottle

Adrian Parnell: Seabirds ov the North Coast

Ruth King: tall teardrop vessel

2nd – 31st August
Ruth King

Ruth King's sculptural, fluid and sophisticated vessels have featured in numerous publications and she is widely recognised as a leading figure in contemporary ceramics.

Ruth King: tall sailing vessel

Ruth's work is the culmination of years of experimentation with a gas fired salt kiln and she has demonstrated an impressive control of this notoriously unpredictable medium.

Ruth explains: "Through observation and deliberation, and working somewhere between logic and intuition, I tailor my own pot­ shaped spaces out of clay. Although self-contained and uncompromising these pots have a physicality that invites caress, the carefully constructed rims and openings accentuating the tautness of surface and continuity of curves.

Ruth King: recumbent bottle

"The dialogue between the material and myself as maker extends forward, provoking a stream of possibilities lying ahead, waiting."

Ruth King: wide oval bottle with tail

THE ART ROOM TOPSHAM is open on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday, 11am to 5pm.