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The programme for 2014 is extraordinarily excellent, with many senior and important artists exhibiting their work in this unique regional gallery.

13 September to 5th October 2014
Robin Rae

Robin Rae is a figurative and abstract artist and teacher, who works in oil, etching and 3-dimensions.

Born in London in 192S, he studied at Ealing School of Art and the Royal College; his tutors included John Nash, Francis Bacon, Rodrigo Moynihan and Edward Bawden. Rae showed considerable early talent, exhibiting at the RA in 1946 and by the age of 21 he had held two successful London solo shows, which gained critical appreciation.

Robin Rae: Alice hall

He taught etching at Edinburgh College of Art and 3-dimensional design at Liverpool College of Art. In 1970 Rae retired from teaching and moved to Dorset where he ran a successful screen printing business with his wife Kate; a fashion designer.

Rae has exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy; the French Institute; Ashmolean Museum, Oxford; Dorchester Museum and Art Gallery; Aitken Dott, Edinburgh,The London Group and Young  Contemporaries. His work is in the collection of the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.

Robin's recent paintings are inspired by the Dorset landscape or imagined interiors, they have a surreal quality and distinct style.

Robin Rae: Fishermens huts

Artist statement:

"I don't generally like most artists' statements much but I heard of a little boy who said by way of explanation "first I think and then I draw my think" I wish I'd thought of that. For me it hits the nail on the head!"

Robin Rae: Fishermens huts in the rain

Robin Rae: From Orchard Gardens

Robin Rae: Park at night II

Carina Ciscato: pair of multi articulated pots

Meet the Artists – Adrian Parnell & Ruth King: Saturday 2nd Aug, 2:00-5:00pm

Robin Rae:
Chinese landscape

Carina Ciscato: teabowl

Robin Rae: Coming in to land

Carina Ciscato: pair of matt white lidded porcelain pots

Robin Rae: Jug in the Downs

Robin Rae: Nursery at night

Robin Rae: Pears

13 September to 5th October 2014
Carina Ciscato

Carina Ciscato studied industrial design in Brazil then took an apprenticeship with Marietta Cremer Krefeld in Germany and later with Ludia Ramenzoni in Brazil. She moved to London in 2000 and has been exhibiting professionally for the last 14 years. Ciscato has gained an international reputation for her unique porcelain forms which are sophisticated, delicate and architectural.

Carina Ciscato: white teabowl

Artist statement:

"Space, volume and Architecture...
It's partly sensory and partly an ideal aesthetics. It's relative, irregular and fragile.

"This new work is about a search for an unconventional balance, construct and reconstruct forms to create objects with a quality that solicits the expansion of sensory information, becoming tactile and unpredictable. Each pot has its own unique personality whilst belonging to a family of pots that share similar characteristics.

Carina Ciscato: pale blue grey constructed teapot and jug

"Tearing, cutting, folding, stretching, pooling the qualities of the material - porcelain because of its strength and fragility - it is initially the ways of playing and exploring forms, space, and structure that informs this work. I am looking for unconventional shapes, altering the usual proportions and sizes to create pots that intrigue the senses.

"It is thrown with a range of textures to distinguish different surfaces, allowing new relationships to emerge. All the process is exposed and revealed. There are no secrets. The quiet muted tones of white and blue greys are chosen to emphasize the fluidity and sharpness of the forms, reinforcing the edges, cuts and natural curves.

"It gives us an opportunity to explore our perception of an object, its shapes, its forms and composition, discovering a hidden beauty, beyond function and predictability. It keeps questioning space and volume, function and purpose, balance and fragility in search for a purer aesthetic. Always allowing new meanings, new observations, new ways of seeing and perceiving, rendering the object redefined and reinvented forever."

Carina Ciscato: white multi articulated pot

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